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We bond with the future

A bond to secure developments in a more sustainable business

To keep growing while simultaneously building and developing better and more sustainable solutions, Greenfood, in 2021, decided to issue a bond. But far from a regular bond, this one’s directly connected to our sustainability objectives.

The Greenfood four-year sustainability-linked bond was issued in 2021 for SEK 1,050 million and is presently listed on the Frankfurt Open Market and on NASDAQ Stockholm. The bond is directly linked to the objectives of our sustainability framework.

The issuing is something that benefits Greenfood, and it doesn’t hurt that the bond has received the highest possible rating from The Governance Group, an independent research and advisory firm.

The bond gives us greater financial flexibility to invest in more sustainability projects and in future growth. At the same time, the bond is a clear and transparent visualization of our ambitious sustainability goals. After great interest from both leading Nordic and European investors, the bond was quickly oversubscribed.

Highest rating in independent review

The Governance Group (TGG) conducted an independent review of the framework and the design and level of ambition of our goals. In the review, the framework received the highest possible rating, an A-rating.

What is a sustainability linked bond?

A sustainability-linked bond is a bond that creates an incentive for the issuer to achieve defined sustainability goals. The issuer’s performance in sustainability is measured in relation to stated targets, and the terms of the bond change based on the target fulfilment rate.