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Exporting Swedish folkhälsa since 1964

Driven by our firm belief in the power of green

We’re not here to tell you that fruit and vegetables are healthy, climate friendly and yada yada. Everyone knows that. Besides, we already do our fair share of veggie propaganda just by existing. After all, selling fruit and veggies and making them more accessible and easier to consume is our passion.

We truly believe that people need balance and freedom of choice in life. Therefore, we have decided to never try to talk anyone out of things they really enjoy. If people like to eat burgers – fine. Let us help to make them a little healthier and yummier. We have delivered our freshly cut and crisp salad to fast food giants for decades, without making a big deal out of it. A vast innovation back then. But we’ve also started our own super-healthy fast-food brand with smart salad bars, so convenient it can be sneaked into any grocery store. Everything to support public health, or folkhälsa, as we say in Sweden.

Yup, that’s right! We’re a Swedish player in the global green sector. Coming from the promised land of moderation where inventions like the fruktstund (an obligatory break with free fruit for the kids) is an institution that runs deep throughout the Swedish school system. It’s an ace up our sleeve to succeed with our secret plan: To get people to eat more fruit and vegetables – by all means necessary.

Invest in the future

Dear invenstor, welcome to our world.

Investing in Greenfood – and in our Green Convenience business – is an investment in the future. Click here to stay informed on Greenfood Group’s performance, and to get the latest info on what’s happening in our world.

Eat your greens