You can do more than you think with what’s in your kitchen

My best tip is never throw away food unnecessarily. I use food as much as I can. You can do more than you think with what you have in the kitchen. If you learn to use your senses, everything will be great.

Fredrik Andersson MästarkockarnaName: Fredrik Andersson
Started at Greenfood: 2016
Today at: Mästerkockarna
Role: Product developer
Business area: Food Solutions


I am a trained chef which is where my big interest in food comes from. Now I work as a product developer in the Food Solutions business area with brands like Mästerkockarna, Green Deli and Wrapsons. During the day I develop concept ideas and products for the grocery and service trade in the category "grab and go convenience". There are lots of aspects in my job as a developer, from taste combinations, packaging, space management to sustainability, etc. The latest concept we launched is called Green Deli, where we offer fresh smoothies, mini-meals and salads.

Developing wholesome, healthy food for the future is my dream job.

The best thing about Greenfood is the co-workers, company spirit, entrepreneurship. It's a fast-moving industry where things are happening all the time. The mix of people in different areas of expertise makes my work fun.

Fredrik Andersson
Product developer, Mästerkockarna