Greenfood signs LOI to acquire a stake in global sourcing company Jaguar

30 August 2021
Greenfood has signed a LOI to acquire a stake in Dutch fruit and vegetable supplier Jaguar. With the acquisition, Greenfood is increasing its presence in the world’s important growing regions, while Greenfood and Jaguar will increase their joint purchasing power in the fresh food market.
“This makes us an even stronger player in fruit and vegetables, with the potential to improve our customer offering and further increase quality,” Ted Stenshed, CEO of the Fresh Produce business area, said.

Greenfood is one of northern Europe’s largest players in healthy convenience food based on fruit and vegetables. The group includes the Fresh Produce business area, a leading supplier of fruit and vegetables in the Scandinavian market.


The Greenfood Group has signed a LOI to acquire a stake in the large, successful European fruit and vegetable supplier, Jaguar TFC. The company has extensive experience buying, importing, and selling fresh produce and has offices in some of the world’s most important fruit and vegetable growing countries, such as South Africa, China, Peru, Egypt, and the Netherlands.


“The acquisition is part of a strategic partnership to strengthen Greenfood’s position in the market and increase the group’s global presence and reach. We get access to the overseas countries where Jaguar has a strong foothold, while our customers get access to the market’s widest range, strengthened quality and access to more global growers,” Ted Stenshed, CEO of Greenfood Fresh Produce, said.

Increased focus on supply chain sustainability

To facilitate direct dialogue with suppliers in Asia, Africa and South America, Jaguar has its own purchasing offices in China, South Africa, Peru, and Egypt. Each office has buyers and specialists in quality and sustainability, which provides Jaguar with better insights into growers’ activities, making it easier to promote sustainable agriculture in the supply chain, streamline water management, work for improved working conditions, and more sustainable farming practices.

“Greenfood and Jaguar both have very ambitious sustainability goals and a strong will to act sustainably, both in their own operations and in the entire supply chain. This means that we have very good conditions for creating exciting and innovative solutions that match customers’ demands for sustainability and transparency,” said Kees Rijnhout, Jaguar’s CEO.