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Foodtech, schmoodtech …

At Greenfood, we try to use our position to drive our industry. Among other things, that means filling the word “foodtech” with truly positive meaning.

Foodtech is a word with almost as many definitions as there are players in the market.

Some like to summarize it as the digital transformation of the global food sector, where data is used in various smart ways to improve both products and processes. For others, it’s about developing ground-breaking alternative proteins to contribute to sustainability. 

salad bar from above

At Greenfood, we envision foodtech as being an innovative way of producing and delivering delicious and sustainable food for anyone. We think of it as a culinary dance between science and nature, where technology helps us grow, produce, and deliver food in a smart and eco-friendly way. All to make yummy food more accessible. And to encourage people to eat more fruit and vegetables. In any way we can.

In other words, we believe that foodtech is about bringing out the grub, while keeping the planet groovy.

poke bowl with peach dressing
asian sesame salmon knolling
Eat your greens