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Greenfood is looking for innovative partners in the fight against food waste

Leather from grape residues, silk from orange peel, and sunglasses made from potato waste. These are just a few examples of how innovative companies and innovative entrepreneurs are turning food waste into business ideas. To take the next step, and further reduce food waste, the Greenfood group is now looking for partners who see new opportunities in other leftovers from processing fruit and vegetables.

Greenfood is doing a lot to reduce its food waste today, including using the latest AI technology for creating more accurate orders, using innovative packaging, and developing a more circular way of working. But to reach the group's goals of reducing food waste by 45 percent by 2030, more initiatives are needed. Therefore, Greenfood is now looking for new partners in various industries, companies or individuals who see an opportunity to build a business or use the group's food waste in smarter, more sustainable ways.

“We are looking for innovative companies and entrepreneurs who see an opportunity where others see food waste. When processing fruit and vegetables for our customers, we get tons of peels and other green leftovers that we can't use. Large volumes, over 1,000 tons per year, which can make a big difference through new, innovative uses,” said Lisa Isakson, Sustainability Manager at Greenfood.

Food waste - a global problem
Approximately 30% of all food produced is just thrown away. It is a huge waste of resources, and it has a direct impact on the environment and the climate, because the production of food accounts for a quarter of global greenhouse emissions. As a food producer, Greenfood has a responsibility to combat food waste. Therefore, for several years, the group has worked systematically to reduce waste in the food chain - both through circular and resource-efficient product development, but also by using the latest technology such as AI.

1,000 tons of fruit and vegetable scraps are left over from Greenfood's processing
Every year, Greenfood discards over 1140 tons of lettuce hearts, 120 tons of cabbage cores, 480 tons of melon peel, and 144 tons of pineapple peel. These scraps can be used, together or separately, depending entirely on the idea and project. So, if you see opportunities where others see waste, please contact Karin Byvall at