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better with robots
better with robot
Better with robots

Greenfood’s new state-of-the-art facility in Helsinborg

With our new 44,000 m2 facility, Greenfood will be ready to take on the increasing demand for plant-based food, fruits, and veggies. And, to provide icing on the facility cake, we’ve filled it up with robotic solutions that’ll make just about everything safer and more efficient.

44,000 square meters is a lot. It’s actually huge enough to warrant the description “one of northern Europe’s largest centers for sustainable and healthy food innovation, production and distribution”.

And we do what we can to walk the walk, so behind that somewhat imposing set of words, the new Greenfood facility represents the latest in warehouse automation and tech. And that means robots.

robots stacking boxes

“We are investing heavily in robotic solutions for palletizing, carton handling, and packing of our products,” says Björn Johansson, CEO of the business area Greenfood Food Solutions. “This means even faster and more efficient handling of goods, which means that we can continue to increase our volumes and grow in the market.” 

Besides speed and efficiency, the implementation of robotic solutions also contributes to an increase in safety. Less truck driving and manual handling means less accident risks. And, as an added bonus, it also means improvements in the overall work environment.

“Some of our heavy, repetitive tasks disappear, which improves ergonomics and the environment for our staff. We also free up the team’s power for more qualified tasks,” says Björn Johansson.

All in all, the new state-of-the-art facility is all benefits. For Greenfood, our employees, customers, and everyone looking to increase the plant-based quota on their dinner tables.

Eat your greens