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Greenfood’s three business areas

Greenfood is divided into three business areas: Picadeli – the European market leader in healthy fast food, offering customers healthy fast-food options through self-serve salad bars; Food Solutions, that offers innovative products produced in ultra-modern facilities with high productivity and low levels of food waste; and Fresh Produce the fruit and vegetable specialist with an extensive range of goodies from all over the world.

No matter what business area you’re dealing with, healthy food such as fruits and vegetables is in our DNA. That means that we’re into all things healthy, plant-based, and green. 
Through our three business areas, we have access to a diversity of customer relationships, data, and insights, while knowledge of the development process for greener, healthier fast-food is built into every part of the company.

food solutions collection green

Fresh Produce and Food Solutions are large, stable, and very well-established businesses that create a solid base for Greenfood’s future development. Picadeli is the fast-growing and scalable upstart driving the Group’s international growth.

All in all, this gives us a unique market position with a solid base and an innovative growth engine. 

Our customers are primarily either retailers or HoReCa people. That’s ‘hotels, restaurants, and catering’ if you need to ask. In the retail segment, our customers are some of the largest grocery and convenience chains in the world, while the HoReCa segment is served through specific wholesalers as well as directly to some specific fast-food customers.
Taking an even closer look at our organization, will tell you that we’ve divided our offer into three main sections: 


Picadeli is the European market leader in self-serve, tech-driven, modular salad bars where the customer chooses freely what healthy and sustainable products, they’re in the mood for. These innovative salad bars can be found in some 2,000 convenience stores and grocery stores throughout Europe and the USA. Picadeli’s been angling toward making healthy food accessible, tasty, and affordable ever since 2009.

Food Solutions

In the Food Solutions segment, the focus is firmly on making it simple to eat healthy, no matter the context. The segment is further divided into two sub-areas: Food-to-Go, which offers convenient ready-to-go products directly to consumers, and Fresh Cut, which supplies fruit and vegetables to grocery stores, and provide prepared and processed raw materials – ready-to-serve – to professionals in the food service industry. Our expertise and extensive experience have generated long and strong client relationships that we further develop using both our untamable spirit of innovation, and our passion for healthy and sustainable food.

Fresh Produce 

Under this moniker, our savvy buyers source seasonal products from both local and global producers, providing anything from value-for-money basic products to colorful premium products from the world’s top growers. We then supply fruits, berries, herbs, and vegetables to stores, hotels, restaurants, and catering businesses throughout Europe. In-depth knowledge of cultivation, product ranges, quality, and logistics – as well as the products – is what makes this business area shine.

We use the sum of all these parts to present the world with a complete green offer: we make healthy, green food accessible. To as many as people as possible. And we have no intention of lowering our ambitions.

fresh produce fruit and vegetables
salad and pasta from above
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