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An investment in Green Convenience is an investment in the future

Hi there, dear investor, and welcome to the Greenfood world. A world where everything revolves around a strong passion for healthy food and the need to make it more accessible to as many people as is humanly possible.

In other news, Greenfood is a leading European player in the healthy food sector. Thanks to our comprehensive offer of fruits, vegetables and ready-to-cook products and our scalable business model, the self-serve Picadeli salad bars, we currently hold a market-leading position in six European markets and are positioning ourselves on the US market.

Our proactive work with innovative technology has allowed us to scale up and automate our operations, through – for example – proprietary digital tools that generate consumer insights, streamline the ordering process, reduce food waste, and make life easier for our customers.


We utilize our tech capabilities, operational efficiency, and modern manufacturing facilities to provide what we call ‘Green Convenience’, sustainable and healthy food that is tasty, affordable, and easily accessible.

The business is divided into three segments: Fresh Produce, Food Solutions and Picadeli. Through these areas, we offer everything from healthy fast food and ready-made meals to fruits and vegetables sourced directly from farms spread across much of the globe. The most important customer segments are retail, convenience, restaurant, hotel, and catering and our main markets are Sweden, Finland, France, Denmark, Germany, and Belgium.

With our innovative and proven concepts and long-term customer relationships, Greenfood is well-positioned for a continued roll-out and further growth in the Nordics and internationally.

The purpose of Greenfood's Investor Relations is to keep investors informed about the Group's performance and development. So, by all means, get in touch – or keep browsing.

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Greenfood’s headquarters

Greenfood’s headquarters

Långebergavägen 181
25669 Helsingborg

+46 42-490 11 00