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Corporate governance
Corporate governance
The top of the food chain

Meet the Greenfood Management Team

Our Group Management team works day and night to give our healthy food offer a strategic edge. In a world of innovation and customer focus, this group of people challenge themselves on a daily basis to create a business that stays clear of the easy way out, and instead pushes the boundaries on issues like sustainability. We’re talking about business that, in the end, benefits us all.

The Group’s joint knowledge and experience in the food industry guides their work towards creating our healthy, attractive food offers.

Our Group is divided into three business areas: Picadeli, Food Solutions, and Fresh Produce.

David von Laskowski
Group President & CEO of Greenfood Group & Picadeli
David von Laskowski

Born 1977. President and CEO of Greenfood Group as well as President and CEO of Picadeli. Member of the Group management team since 2015 and worked in the Group since 2013, then as Chairman of Picadeli. “Our Group’s DNA and origin is all about democratizing healthy and sustainable food. Hence, creating smart, healthy meal solutions that make people's busy everyday lives easier while being a highly valued partner to blue chip retailers and food service clients around the globe.”

Work experience: CEO and C-level positions in several successful international companies operating in the retail space. Driven 12,000 shop-in-shop solutions in 12 European markets. Held leading positions in IT, software development and production companies across Europe and Asia. Heading hundreds of retail stores across Europe. Researched for his PhD in the USA (Stanford University and Columbia Business School), and Sweden (Stockholm School of Economics).
Lisa Isaksson
Head of Sustainability
Lisa Isakson

Born 1975. Head of Sustainability at Greenfood and member of the Group management team since 2018. Worked in the Group since 2013.
“We want to make food healthier and strive for a positive impact on people and the environment in our growth journey. By being inspiring and clear in our internal and external communications, we create a stronger Greenfood with sustainable long-term customer relationships.”

Work experience: Over 20 years of experience in leading positions within marketing, communication and sustainability in the food industry throughout Europe, including the Picadeli, Ridderheims, Santa Maria, Dafgård and Gorbys brands.
Mattias Engberg
Group CFO
Mattias Engberg

Born 1962. Chief Financial Officer at Greenfood and member of the Group management team since 2014. “We always strive to stay one step ahead. By ensuring we provide the right financial information to the organization, we build an even stronger and better Greenfood. This enables the right conditions for our customers.”

Work experience: Many years of experience in controlling, finance and strategy both internationally and in Sweden. More than 17 years in the fruit and vegetable industry and another 12 years in the IT, chemicals and paper industries.
David Bennertun
Head of business area Food To-Go
David Bennertun

Born 1980. Head of business area Food To-Go and member of the Group management team since 2017.
“We create flexible, customized solutions that focus on common profitability. Though innovation and a high service level we create the food of the future for conscious consumers on the go.”

Work experience: Many years of experience in managing and driving innovation work in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, both in the food industry and in other industries. Previously held leading and market-developing positions within Axfood, ÖoB and OKQ8.
Björn Johansson
CEO greenfood food solutions
Björn Johansson

Born 1963. CEO of the Fresh Cut business area and member of the Group management team since 2010. Worked in the Group since 1989.
“We create growth through drive and commitment. We meet the needs and interests of our customers by constantly being innovative and developing leadership through the values that Greenfood stands for.”

Work experience: Leading positions in the food industry since 1989. Was part of Salico's startup and took on board-level assignments for entrepreneurial restaurant and food companies.
ted stenshed
CEO Greenfood Fresh Produce
Ted Stenshed

Born 1973. CEO of the Fresh Produce business area and member of the Group management team since 2017.
We are passionate business that creates value and puts our customer and nature in focus. By being simple and clear in our business towards our partners, we create visionary work and become a part of the societal chain. In this way we create positive growth.

Work experience: Many years of experience in the food industry with a wealth of experience in cultivation, production and logistics. Wide experience in creating and developing successful companies, such as Dole, Fresh Cuts, SydLog and more.