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A green success story

More than five decades of continuous growth

“Success story” is a tired old expression. But looking back at more than 50 years of growth and development, it’s really, really hard to steer clear. So, there you have it: the Greenfood story – a success story.

Our story began in Helsinborg in 1964. This is where what was to become Greenfood, started out as an importer and wholesale player of fruit and vegetables. The location was no coincidence, as the Helsinborg port is the hub for import and handling of fruit and vegetables.

From there on, things have moved fairly quickly. Onwards and forwards. And upwards. Through acquisitions and growth of the own operations, Greenfood has risen to become one of northern Europe’s leading groups in healthy convenience food, employing some 1,500 people in Europe and the US.

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The last couple of years has seen a dramatic growth of the business, through strategic consolidations in Finland and Sweden, as well as through a continued development to increase business efficiency. In addition, the scalable Picadeli salad bar concept has employed new, innovative technology to earn a market leading position, signalling a huge future growth potential.

An increasing demand for healthy food

As more and more people turn towards plant-based alternatives, the demand for Greenfood’s solutions keeps increasing. And these solutions are all kept together by a collective vision: to make green and healthy food a fundamental right for all people in the world. With this axiom firmly in mind, we’ve devised our strategy and developed our broad and tasty offer.

Our continuous momentum has made it possible to offer scalable concepts, as well as innovative products produced in top-of-the-line facilities, using the smartest and most energy-efficient methods, resulting in minimal food waste.

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Picadeli’s winning streak

Our mindset and methods have also allowed our foodtech company Picadeli to become the European market leader in healthy fast food, offering customers a salad bar that’s stocked with accessible, sustainable, and healthy ingredients, using AI predictions and the latest tech. Picadeli sells as much as one salad per second, every day, all year round.

In 2021, Picadeli traveled across the Atlantic and established its healthy self-serve offer to salad-craving Americans on the go. The key to the success: salads, of course. But also, the scalability of the Picadeli offer. They are easy to incorporate into existing businesses, and unlike most other fast-food chains, we operate primarily within grocery stores, catching the eyes of their customer flows.

There are a number of different ways Picadeli can be established on new markets, from wholly owned to fully franchised models – the concept is highly scalable and will be able to benefit everyone – from the owner to the customer getting their greens on. Regardless, the concept’s innovative tech provides the store with a resource efficient solution when it comes to staffing. Moreover, it helps attract customers who otherwise would forego a visit, during low-traffic hours.

Home is where my fruit is

Our main center of operations is still in Helsingborg, and here we’ve invested in a 44,000 square meter facility that constitutes northern Europe’s largest eco system for healthy and sustainable food. The chance to optimize logistics will not only help reduce CO2 emissions and food waste, but also enable continued growth, continued development of the product offer and increase volumes.

Onwards and forwards. And upwards. All in the hope that the future turns so brightly green that we need to wear shades.

Invest in the future

Dear invenstor, welcome to our world.

Investing in Greenfood – and in our Green Convenience business – is an investment in the future. Click here to stay informed on Greenfood Group’s performance, and to get the latest info on what’s happening in our world.

Eat your greens