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food award
food award
Food award for Picadeli salad bars

Picadeli AI solution wins award at Food4Future

Advanced tech is the way to go. Even when it comes to salad bars. And especially so when it comes to Picadeli’s digitalized version of it. A testament to this truth is that Picadeli was awarded the “healthy food” award at Europe’s largest foodtech event, Food4Future.

Yeah, we know that the whole “digitalizing salads” business might sound a bit weird, but we can promise you that it’s the way of the future. Because by making use of AI and data cloud connectivity, Picadeli has managed to not only minimize the in-store work effort, but also make it easier for the salad loving consumers.

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“We’ve really won the consumers' trust with this the concept. Today, our digitalized salad bars can be found in some 2,000 places, and we sell an average of one salad every second,” says, David von Laskowski, President and CEO of Greenfood Group and Picadeli.

And, as stated, not only trust has been won. The concept has also won some pretty impressive prizes – like “product of the year” in France, twice! And to this, we add the “healthy food” award at the prestigious Food4Future summit.

“This prize makes us really proud. It proves that the food industry appreciates our work to democratize healthy food, in the same way that Picadeli’s international success proves that consumers around the world love our concept,” says David von Laskowski.

But what is Food4Future, you ask? Well, Food4Future is Europe’s largest industry event focusing on innovation and technology in the food and beverage industry. Here, forward-leaning players and innovators show off their contributions to the foodtech world, while getting together to try to accelerate the transformation of the entire food industry to make it healthier, smarter, and more sustainable.

Lofty ambitions, but vital ones too. And we’re more than proud that – among 250 exhibiting companies – be singled out and win the “healthy food” award. The award serves as proof that we’re on the right track, that we’re using the latest in tech to spearhead the change towards something healthier and better.

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