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Picadeli excels in the Finnish market with rapid growth in food-to-go sales

Picadeli has achieved considerable success in the Finnish market in a short period. Since its launch in May 2023, the salad pioneer’s food-to-go range, which includes wraps, ready-made salads, and sandwiches, has been warmly received by Finnish consumers. Sales have surged from a few hundred units per week to nearly 25,000 wraps, 10,000 sandwiches, and 3,000 ready-made salads per week. Today, Picadeli is the market leader in the wrap category, with the range available at over 1,500 locations across Finland.

Picadeli introduced its salad bars to the Finnish market in 2013, quickly becoming a popular lunch option for health-conscious consumers seeking an affordable meal. Following the success of the salad bars, the range was expanded to include wraps, ready-made salads, and sandwiches. Since the launch of the new food-to-go range in 2023, Picadeli has become the market leader in the category.

“The growth has been rapid and the interest immense. Particularly the wraps, we are selling nearly 25,000 per week. The warm early summer had a significant impact, as everyone wanted to eat lunch outdoors, and our sales soared,” says Nina Westerberg, CEO of Picadeli Finland.

The food-to-go range is now available in over 1,500 stores across Finland, including all of Kesko’s chains, SOK, R-kiosks, and hotel chains. Wraps are the bestsellers, but sandwiches launched in spring 2024 have also seen a sharp increase in sales over the past month.

“Sandwiches as a meal have seen a substantial resurgence in the restaurant industry worldwide. This is reflected in our sales as well, with a strong interest in hearty, tasty sandwiches that can be varied in many ways,” says Nina Westerberg.

For several years, Picadeli has removed red meat from all its products, a conscious effort towards a more sustainable and healthy range with low climate impact. Instead, they have increased the amount of greens. A new favorite among the country’s vegetarians is the Italian Triangle sandwich – filled with flavorful pesto, herby sun-dried tomatoes, and soft mozzarella.

Top Sellers – Here Are the Bestsellers

  1. Chicken Caesar Pleaser The iconic salad in wrap form with sliced chicken, pointed cabbage, and Caesar dressing with flavors of Dijon, anchovy, and garlic.
  2. Picadeli Cheeky Cheesy Chicken Wrap Chicken wrap with feta cheese spread, tomato, and crispy vegetables.
  3. Picadeli Limeocado Chicken Wrap Chicken wrap with lime aioli, avocado, and crispy pointed cabbage.