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Picadeli named fourth Best Workplace in Finland for 2024 by Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work, known for its comprehensive research on workplace culture, conducts surveys with 19.8 million employees across more than 10,000 organizations in 106 countries each year. The designation of Best Workplace is based on direct feedback from employees, highlighting the importance Picadeli places on trust, effective leadership, innovation, opportunities for personal and professional development, and a strong adherence to company values.

Picadeli Finland has achieved this rank within the mini-category for companies with 10-19 employees, demonstrating the strength and cohesion of its team.

Nina Westerberg, Managing Director of Picadeli Finland, commented on the achievement,
"Our aim is to make healthy food more accessible while building a work environment that encourages creativity, growth, and teamwork. Being named among Finland's best workplaces is a reflection of our team's hard work and dedication. I want to extend a big thank you to our team for their commitment and passion."

Employee feedback highlighted Picadeli Finland's strong performance across all surveyed categories, particularly noting the company as an excellent place to work. Employees feel they have the ability to effect change, aligning with Picadeli's goal to foster a culture where individual contributions are valued and everyone is empowered to make a meaningful impact.

Kaisa Väistö-Nurminen, Deputy Country Manager, added, "Through both challenges and successes, our team's willingness to take responsibility has been our greatest strength."

This recognition from Great Place to Work is a nod to Picadeli's efforts in creating a supportive and motivating workplace, as the company continues its mission to enhance workplace culture and employee satisfaction.