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Picadeli reaches a new milestone in Germany – 250 Salad bars have now been established

Picadeli continues its expansion across Europe, now present in 250 stores in Germany.
"Germany represents enormous potential. Not only is it one of the world's largest economies, but it is also the most populous country in Europe. Additionally, Germans are conscious consumers who prioritize health and sustainability, aligning perfectly with our salad concept," says David von Laskowski, CEO and Group President of Picadeli and Greenfood.

Greenfood, one of Europe's largest food groups focusing on healthy and sustainable food, reported a turnover of SEK 5.7 billion in 2023. The group has seen significant success with its tech company Picadeli, now established in both the American and European markets.

Picadeli has quickly positioned itself as a leading player in the salad bar sector. The concept was introduced to the German market in 2018, initially trialed in the western part of the country, and began rolling out more broadly in 2019. Although expansion temporarily paused during the Covid-19 pandemic, Picadeli has accelerated its growth, establishing 250 salad bars. Today, Picadeli is present in nearly all major German cities, indicating a strong market presence and successful expansion.

Picadeli’s survey reveals Germans as major salad consumers
According to Picadeli's own survey, nearly half of Germans consume salad 1-3 times a week. Half of the population also expresses concern about the impact of food on their health, reflecting a growing awareness of healthy eating habits and a desire to eat more healthily.

"Consumers appreciate our salad bars because we offer tasty and healthy food at a reasonable price. We not only serve traditional salads but also focus on plant-based options and modern, trendy mixes," says Anders Klinge, Managing Director of Picadeli Germany.

There are also specific local taste preferences that differentiate Germany from other European countries, such as German signature mixes like cucumber salad and potato salad.

Technology reduces workload and increases efficiency in stores
Picadeli's innovative technology has proven to be a significant advantage for stores, drastically reducing the workload for staff. Traditional salad bars can require 50-60 hours of labor per week, whereas Picadeli's digitized processes and automated ordering systems reduce this time to approximately 15 hours. Additionally, Picadeli's AI-based system enables the analysis of consumption patterns to both reduce food waste and tailor offerings to local tastes.

"Our advanced technology allows for rapid and efficient scaling of our concept while creating a strong margin for our customers. These are both reasons why we have reached 250 salad bars in Germany and over 2000 in Europe and the USA," says David von Laskowski, CEO and Group President of Picadeli and Greenfood Group.