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picadeli salad bowl
picadeli salad bowl
High-tech salads conquer the world

Picadeli's tech-savvy revolution has reached the United states

Can fast food be healthy? Absolutely! With Picadeli's food tech innovators making waves in the United States, saying farewell to junk food is now a reality. And it’s not only happening in grocery stores. The salad revolution is everywhere! From canteens to train stations, army bases and university campuses.

The third largest country in the world, and undeniably the home of fast food has a new acquaintance – Picadeli. Picadeli is the rising star of healthy fast food, selling one salad per second, every day, all year round.

picadeli salad bowl with new york times in the background

It all started 15 years ago, 2009, in Sweden. And since then, Picadeli has gone from an innovative small startup – to the European market leader in healthy fast food. Offering customers a salad bar that’s stocked with accessible, sustainable, and healthy ingredients, using AI predictions and the latest tech.

The key to the success: salads, of course. But also, the scalability of the Picadeli offer. 

Picadeli salad bars are easy to incorporate into existing businesses, and unlike most other fast-food chains, we operate primarily within grocery stores, attracting the attention of their customer flows. Always with a clear guiding principle: it should be affordable for everyone.

Picadeli's bold leap into the US market

And now, Picadeli has traveled across the Atlantic to establish its healthy self-serve offer to salad-craving Americans on the go. An investment that paid off. In 2022, Albertsons started to pilot AI-powered salad bars in six of its stores on the East Coast. A milestone that has been accompanied by many more in the last two years.

"Our focus in the US remains on introducing our healthy salad concept into key food and convenience stores."

The success is reflected in the list of partners, with several of the major grocery chains, such as Coborn's, Schnucks, Safeway, Giant food, Kings food market, ACME and Weis Markets, now partnering with Picadeli. Now, there are around 100 Picadeli locations in the United States, and our journey has only just begun.


“Picadeli, and our ongoing expansion into new markets, leads the charge within the whole Greenfood group, playing a crucial role in our growth and advancement. Our focus in the US remains on introducing our healthy salad concept into key food and convenience stores, driving efficient and rapid growth, mirroring our achievements in Europe. Picadeli has an enormous potential in the American market!” says David von Laskowski, CEO and Group CEO of Picadeli and Greenfood Group.

Making sustainable and healthy food accessible to more people is more important than ever. The United States struggles with many nutrition-related health conditions. About 74% of adults are overweight or have obesity, and heart disease is the leading cause of death in the country. And with food deserts becoming a growing public health concern, when close to 19 million people in the United States live in areas that lack access to nutritious, affordable food – the need for healthy food is huge.


Now, there are around 100 Picadeli locations in the United States, and our journey has only just begun.

Timesaving tech solutions 

Picadeli sells over 40 million salads per year and can be found in around 2,000 stores and locations across Europe and the USA. The company has an annual turnover of over SEK 1.7billion. The key to success? Tech!

Advanced technologies, such as data collection and AI, are the backbone of Picadeli, creating salad bars that minimize the workload for grocery stores. While traditional salad bars may demand 50 to 60 hours of work per week, employees only need to dedicate around 15 hours per week to manage a Picadeli salad bar.


The digitized salad bars send real-time information about, among other things, the products' durability, and possible temperature deviations. Using AI to analyze customer patterns, weather forecast and other available data, Picadeli can ensure that the right ingredients are present in the salad bar. In other words, the ingredients that customers prefer at the exact moment. This means that our partners easily can optimize the assortment in their salad bars, and order correct volumes by utilizing machine learning and other analytical algorithms. Digital monitoring at its best!

Picadeli has even been awarded for its innovative work with tech, for example, at the Foodtech world summit, where they won the FoodTech Innovation Award.

So – what’s for lunch? A salad, of course!

Dive into the details

Learn more about the Picadeli advancements in our Annual Report. 

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