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growing greens
growing greens
Grow greens from top to bottom

Greenfood partnering with Agtira to explore vertical cultivation

The future of urban farming goes from top to bottom. Or, maybe, the other way around. In any case, at Greenfood we’re accelerating our ambitions towards a more sustainable future by teaming up with tech startup Agtira to explore vertical cultivation systems in urban environments.

Vertical cultivation comes with tons of advantages, compared to the traditional horizontal version. For example, you can use LED lighting instead of sunlight, and you can lower the need for water with as much as 95 percent. Additionally, the cultivations can be established in urban areas, providing locally produced vegetables, increasing the degree of self-sufficiency locally.

So, obviously, the whole concept is something that’s right up Greenfood’s street. Locally produced veggies grown using resource-efficient and smart methods? Sign us up!

vertical cultivation lab
vertical cultivation lab2

A joint ambition

And up we signed. Together with foodtech startup Agtira a letter of intent was signed, stating our joint ambition to establish ten urban cultivation systems in strategic locations in Sweden.

“By combining tech with vertical crop growth, these ten urban cultivation systems will both reduce food transportation and water consumption, and increase the degree of self-sufficiency locally”, says Ted Stenshed, CEO of Greenfood Fresh Produce.

Agtira is of the same mind. The use of modern tech and new ideas is imperative, according to CEO Mattias Gemborg, who explains that:

“Smart farming systems will play a central role in Sweden’s future development of sustainably produced food.”
Pink lights greenhouse

Working together

The cultivation systems are presently being developed and built by Agtira, and as soon as it’s all up and running, Greenfood will pick up, utilizing our established distribution network to supply the vertically grown beauties to happy customers. A perfect collab, in every sense.

“The entire food industry needs to take important steps towards sustainable development. Therefore, we continue to establish collaborations and partnerships to strengthen and share our ability to innovate and contribute to sustainable growth," said David von Laskowski, President and CEO of Greenfood Group and Picadeli.

green lab with pink lights
Hey greenie!

We’re true believers in all things sustainable. Are you?

When it comes to sustainability, we put our money where our mouth is. That’s why we’ve structured our work towards a healthier tomorrow into different focus areas and strict goals. And you’re free to explore them.

Eat your greens