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Our ambitious work for a better tomorrow

Doing things better, having sustainability top of mind in every single part of what we do is crucial. Greenfood is in the business of healthy food and green products, and we see it as an absolute must to be a positive force in any way we can. Because in our universe, a better world, starts on our plates.

Sustainability may very well have has become a go-to word for just about any business out there. However, when we at Greenfood talk sustainability, we really put our money where our mouth is. ‘Green convenience today for a greener tomorrow’ is our guiding principle and through food, we help the consumer make more sustainable and healthier choices in their stressful everyday lives. Fruit and vegetables are the basis of everything we do – 95% of our range is plant-based. It’s an ambitious part of our DNA and it permeates every aspect of our work, not only in what we do, but just as much for anyone we do business with. 

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Food, environment, and people

To bring a semblance of order to our work, we’ve chosen to address the whole picture, dividing it into three main areas: food, environment, and people.
Food is the core of everything we do. We depend on a healthy planet and a well-functioning ecosystem to provide the foundation for our range of products. We have worked strenuously to develop a range that is both healthy and that has a low impact on the environment. For example, Picadeli has eliminated red meat from its offer and today the range consists of 90 percent vegetarian products and 70 percent vegan. 

By increasing the availability of healthy food, we’re making it easier to make the right choice and, in that way, contribute to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. We measure our products based on the established Nutri-Score standard that shows how good a product’s collective nutritional content is on a five-point scale from A to E, based on fruit and vegetable amounts, calories, saturated fats, sugar, salt, protein, and fibers. In our product range, 88% are classified as either A or B. We also do everything in our power to minimize food waste throughout the entire chain – in our own operation by applying a circular mindset in everything from product development to production, and in collaboration with partners that help us make the most out of raw materials.

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Environment includes everything we do to reduce our environmental impact globally. Our focus is to use our resources as efficiently as possible throughout our business, by – among other things – focusing on plant-based products, efficient production methods, improved packaging solutions, shifting to more sustainable transports, shifting to renewable energy in own operations, as well as reducing our own CO2 emissions and our water usage. We’re constantly developing and tweaking parts of our business to improve. Our long-term goal is to turn Greenfood CO2 neutral and produce our food on terms with nature, but we still have a long way to go. The work to reduce the group’s climate footprint is not a job we can do by ourselves. It requires close collaboration, working together with suppliers and partners to reduce the climate footprint throughout our value chain.

We’re determined to work towards the changes needed in order to achieve a sustainable planet. Therefore, to further strengthen our sustainability work, we’ve joined the Science Based Targets initiative. This helps us clarify our journey towards a more sustainable business and sets climate targets in line with what science says is needed. The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is a collaboration between CDP, the UN Global Compact, the World Resources Institute and WWF. The initiative is designed to help companies set scientifically based climate targets in line with the Paris Agreement.

People are our most importance resource. In our meetings with co-workers, suppliers, industry colleagues and other interested parties, we follow our core values of responsibility and respect. We strive for equality and diversity, aiming at improving working and supplier conditions not just for our own organization, but throughout our entire supply chain. Our goal is always to establish collaborative, long-term relationships with suppliers who share our values and views on business ethics, working conditions, climate impact and other environmental issues.
These three areas all have set measurable goals and we evaluate our progress regularly.

The goals are also linked to economic sustainability. A profitable food business is the foundation for us to contribute to a better world for both people and the planet. 

Hey greenie!

We’re true believers in all things sustainable. Are you?

When it comes to sustainability, we put our money where our mouth is. That’s why we’ve structured our work towards a healthier tomorrow into different focus areas and strict goals. And you’re free to explore them.

Eat your greens