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A range of brands that want what’s good for you

Greenfood has a strong future. Yup, we’re confident that this is the case. With global trends of sustainability, healthy and locally produced food, our business and our products stand ready to meet – and exceed – both market and customer expectations. Over the years, we’ve built up a competitive and comprehensive range of plant-based foods that will help people eat better and our planet to feel better. Below, we present five of our most recognized brands, but alongside them, there are a plethora of other products and brands to explore. 

picadelil ogo
Picadeli is the market leader in Europe with a high-tech, self-serve salad concept. The concept helps millions of people eat healthier and more sustainable food using data collection and AI to match taste with availability. In 2021, we established Picadeli in the US, and the brand and concept’s growth is continuous.
sallacarte logo
SallaCarte is specially developed for people in HoReCa, hotels, restaurants, and catering, and is one of the Nordic region’s leading brands in fresh processed fruits and vegetables. No matter if it’s a school kitchen or Michelin star restaurant, we make it easy to serve the best, freshest, yummiest of tastes.
green deli logo
Green Deli
This Nordic leader in healthy and tasty food-to-go products offers customers on the go great products that you can feel good about enjoying – all inspired by the very latest food trends –at an affordable price. The range comprises everything from overnight oats and smoothie bowls to salads and mini meals.
daily greens logo
Daily Greens
Daily Greens is a leading brand in fresh fruits and vegetables sourced directly from growers. The brand offers ready-chopped salad mixes, fruit salads, green trimmings, and full meals – healthy food you can eat every day, produced in the most natural way.
tuorekset logo
One of Finland’s leading brands in healthy, fresh vegetable mixes that make cooking both better and easier. The fresh products come to your kitchens directly from Kivoko in Helsinki and will help take your home cooking to the next level of both convenience and wholesomeness.
ahlgood logo
Ahlgood is a stellar provider of vegan and organic products. The product range is designed to make switching from animal proteins to plant-based alternatives so easy it becomes the natural thing to do when creating tasty dishes.
Eat your greens