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AI magic
ai magic
Ai magic results in better salads

Our ambitious work for a better tomorrow

With the use of algorithms and the new advanced AI platform, Picadeli helps stores to stock exact amounts of green stuff to keep the salad bars strikingly fresh. If this isn’t a truly impressive example of foodtech, we don’t know what is.

In no way do we want to throw shade on regular smartness, but artificial intelligence does come with a fair number of benefits. So, we thought it was time to put it to good use within our business, the food sector. After all, it is Europe’s largest industry, with a turnover of more than 1.2 trillion euros.

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Said and done. Holding true to Picadeli’s documented habit of embracing and adopting new tech, we launched Arcorder – our new AI based ordering system.

“Our system works like a digital assistant, our connected refrigerated counters give us data on each individual product, which enables accurate calculation of what the store should order to keep a fresh salad bar,” says Jonas Landström, head of IT and Business Development at Picadeli.

Arcorder calculates order recommendations based on parameters such as current inventory levels and sales history, but is clever enough to also factor in external factors such as weather and holidays that could have an impact on sales. All in all, it’s yet another step forward in Picadeli’s ambition to minimize food waste while, simultaneously, maximizing availability.

“The combination of AI-based forecasts and the stores’ solid experience will give us the best solution,” says Jonas Landström. “It will be both easier and more fun to have an attractive salad bar, and consumers will have a better experience.”

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Say hello to Arcorder!

Our AI-based system is built in-house by Picadeli’s software team and runs on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure. This means it’s scalable and that it can accommodate the demands of large food chains and new markets. The system features a modern interface where salad bar customers can see exactly how everything has been calculated.

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