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food targets
food targets
Food targets

Targets for a healthier lifestyle

Our guiding principle, ‘green convenience today for a greener tomorrow’, provides the base of our ambition to work towards a sustainable, healthy lifestyle and a more sustainable future for the whole planet.

Healthy food

Target: 90% of Greenfood’s own branded products volume will have a Nutriscore A or B classification, by 2025..

Nutri-Score is a food label indicating the nutritional value of a product. The Nutri-Score labeling system indicates a product’s combined nutritional content using a five-point scale from A (the best) to E (the worst), measured in terms of the percentage of fruit and vegetables, calories, saturated fat, sugar, salt, protein, and fiber. Nutri-Score is a recognized labelling system in many European countries today.

Reduce food waste

Target: From a 2019 baseline year, we will reduce food waste by 20% by 2025, and by 45% by 2030.

Food safety

Target 1: 100% of our purchases will be from suppliers with signed contract and code of conduct, by 2025.
Target 2: 100% of our suppliers shall be food safety certified, by 2025.

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