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About Greenfood Group

This is how we do business

Greenfood Group tirelessly spreads love for all things green. Through what we call Green Convenience, we create sustainable and healthy food that is tasty, affordable, and easily accessible. No matter if it’s through our scalable Picadeli salad bar concept, our comprehensive offer of healthy ready-to-go and ready-to-cook products, or our fresh fruits, vegetables and berries, we’re in tune with consumer demands, global taste trends and sustainability requirements. All to fulfill our ambition “green food today for green world tomorrow.”

If Greenfood Group was a person, he or she would be madly in love with all things green. It would be a person who cared for details like where food comes from, and how it’s been produced. But, in reality, Greenfood Group is a Swedish company that saw the light of day way back in 1964 in the city of Helsingborg. A perfect location, as the city’s port is the hub for Swedish fruit and vegetable imports.

From rags to lots of green things

From the somewhat humble beginnings as a vegetable wholesales company, today we’re one of northern Europe’s leading groups in healthy convenience food, employing some 1,500 people in Europe and the US. Our products are primarily sold to two customer segments: retailers, and HoReCa. In the retail sector, our customers include grocery and convenience stores, while HoReCa includes hotels, restaurant chains and specialized wholesalers.

We work the entire chain – from growing, processing and delivery – through our center in Helsingborg, we deliver as much as 250,000 tons of fruits and veggies. Our buyers are charged with getting their hands on the best quality foods and find the smartest, easiest ways to deliver them straight to customer counters.

More than just vegetables

Besides fresh fruit and vegetables, our offer includes, pre-cut and washed products, food salads, vegan products, sandwiches, wraps and other food-to-go products as well as the salad bar concept Picadeli that can be found in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Germany, and France. Our three business areas are Picadeli, Food Solutions and Fresh Produce, and we proudly sell our products under brand names such as Picadeli, Daily Greens, SallaCarte and GreenDeli.

Early tech adopters

One of the factors that has helped us grow and scale up, is that we’ve recruited outside the traditional food business areas. And thanks to our programmers, engineers, and AI specialists, this has given us an edge that makes a difference. AI-assisted salad bars, packaging robots … you name it, we’re on it. As a matter of fact, we’re quickly implementing the use of new groundbreaking tech in different parts of our operation. So much that we dare call ourselves “foodtech innovators”. To prove it, we’ve got a cupboard where we keep our awards that we’ve got from forums such as Europe’s largest foodtech event, Food4Future. Oh, and we’re on the stock exchange as well. The Greenfood AB sustainability linked bond has been listed on NASDAQ/Stockholm since November 3, 2022.
All in all, we’re over the moon for all things green, and we’re thoroughly invested in getting them to people in the best way possible. So, if Greenfood Group was a person, we’re pretty sure it would be someone you’d enjoy being friends with.