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Correction: Greenfood’s Interim report third quarter 2023

Greenfood would like to issue a correction regarding our recently published interim report on November 24, 2023. We have identified and rectified a few inadvertent errors in the document.

    • On page 1, in the Interim overview section, the original text “SEK -6.1 million came from un-established operations” was mistakenly written. The correct text should read “SEK -9.2 million came from un-established operations”.
    • On page 1, the original text “Group net result SEK -168.9 (97.7) million” is missing a minus sign. The correct text is “Group net result SEK -168.9 (-97.7) million”.
    • On page 5, in the Nebt debt section, the original text “the balance amount to SEK 1,338” was mistakenly written. The correct text should read “the balance amount to SEK 1,699 SEK”.
    • On page 16, the formatting on the line titled ‘Other current liabilities’ is incorrect, as it was not intended to be a summary line. We want to clarify that despite this formatting error, all figures and data presented in this line are accurate and unchanged.

The corrected version of the interim report is attached and available on our website at