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David von Laskowski awarded as Large-Cap CEO of the Year 2023

CEO of the Year in Sweden has been awarded since 2012, with the purpose of recognizing CEOs who stand out for their value-driven leadership and how they contribute to a sustainable business environment. The jury evaluates the performance of the nominated CEOs, examining their leadership qualities, commitment to sustainability, and the company's profitability.

With David as President and CEO, Greenfood has created strong profitable growth in the Nordic home markets as well as in Europe and the US. The international growth is largely driven by Greenfood's subsidiary Picadeli, which has established itself as the European market leader in healthy fast food.

The award acknowledges David's achievements as CEO, yet it symbolizes a collective triumph for the entire business:
“Our achievements in sustainability, profitability and growth is a collective success for the whole business. My leadership is about facilitating people's motivation and I focus on constantly strengthening my team. Our growth journey and internationalization process would not have been possible without my fantastic colleagues. Leaders are often a reflection of the people around them," says David von Laskowski, President and CEO of Picadeli and Greenfood Group.

David's leadership is characterized by trust, transparency and clarity. He is passionate about cultivating a culture where each individual understands the strategic direction of the business, their role and what they contribute to the organization. With David as CEO, the group has not only expanded significantly in Europe and the US, but also undergone major changes.

Greenfood has built new eco-efficient facilities, drastically reduced its carbon footprint, entered into several new customer agreements with global food giants, won international awards for its healthy food and sustainability work, and been an important voice in the public debate on the importance of healthy food.

“The food industry is a lifeline for society, and this award is a kind of verification for the entire sector - we contribute to the transition through our decisions. Social, environmental and economic sustainability are interconnected - and as the CEO of an international food group, you have to have the courage to act on that insight," says David von Laskowski, President and CEO of Picadeli and Greenfood Group.

Today, Greenfood is one of the Nordic region's leading healthy food groups, with a history that goes back 50 years. The group had a turnover of SEK 5.7 billion in the last 12 months, with operations in eight countries.

Jury Statement:
The Large-Cap CEO of the Year has, together with his team, made a remarkable journey of growth and change. With a goal-oriented, present and charismatic leadership style, the winner has both overcome difficult challenges and made his company forward-looking and innovative.

As the leader of a fast-growing and industry-leading company, the CEO of the Year has shown that it is possible to be at the forefront of sustainability, health and digitalization, while maintaining a clear focus on profitability and results.

About the CEO of the Year Award
Now in its 11th year, the CEO of the Year award, which is inaugurated and institutionalized by, will be presented at the Kistamässan on the 21st of February in partnership with Easyfair. The award recognizes excellence in four categories: Small, Medium, and Large Companies and Young CEO of the Year. The award's criteria emphasize a CEO's leadership capabilities, dedication to sustainable practices, and proficiency in sustaining a profitable enterprise.