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David von Laskowski once again a finalist for Large-Cap CEO of the Year

For the third consecutive year, David von Laskowski, CEO of Picadeli and the Greenfood Group, is a finalist for the CEO of the Year award in the large-cap company category. Under David's leadership, Greenfood Group has witnessed substantial profitable growth, continuing to expand its footprint beyond the Nordic domestic markets, across Europe and the US. This international growth has been propelled by Greenfood's subsidiary Picadeli, which now is Europe's leading fast-food company in the healthy food space.

The CEO of the Year award, which was institutionalized more than a decade ago, is aiming to spotlight and reward exemplary CEOs in Sweden. The goal is to promote value-driven leadership and long-term sustainability in the business world.

David's leadership style has a strong focus on trust, transparency, and unambiguous communication. This fosters a workplace culture where every employee is deeply connected with Picadeli’s and Greenfood's strategic objectives and the necessary steps needed to be taken.

"Our leadership philosophy revolves around empowering each team member, recognizing that swift and informed decisions are crucial in today's fast-paced world. This ethos has played a crucial role, enabling us to make swift and substantial advances in sustainability, profitability, and growth. These concerted efforts have established us as a sustainability thought leader across Europe, “says David von Laskowski, President & CEO of Picadeli & Greenfood Group.

Building on this foundation, under David's leadership, the group has not only expanded significantly across Europe and the US but also undergone major changes. Greenfood has built new modern, environmentally efficient facilities, drastically reduced its carbon footprint, entered several new top-tier customer contracts, been awarded multiple international awards for its work on sustainability and healthy food, as well as been an active and influential voice in the public debate about the importance of healthy eating.

About the 2023 CEO of the Year Award
Now in its 11th year, the CEO of the Year award, which is inaugurated and institutionalized by, will be presented at the Kistamässan on the 21st of February in partnership with Easyfair. The award recognizes excellence in four categories: Small, Medium, and Large Companies and Young CEO of the Year. The award's criteria emphasize a CEO's leadership capabilities, dedication to sustainable practices, and proficiency in sustaining a profitable enterprise.