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Greenfood ramps up commitment to plant-based foods - new partnership with Livekindly Collective's brand Oumph!

Greenfood establishes a new collaboration with Oumph! The collaboration means that Greenfood-owned Ahlströms Factory, experts in plant-based products within HoReCa and the public sector, will handle the sales of Oumph! to the foodservice industry.

Greenfood is one of Europe's leading companies in sustainable and healthy food. The group has grown significantly and continues to see an increasing demand as more and more people choose a plant-based lifestyle with a focus on green ingredients. Today, 90 percent of the group's assortment consists of vegetarian products and 70 percent of vegan products.

Now, Greenfood and the American food company Livekindly Collective are taking a significant step together as Greenfood-owned Ahlströms Factory will manage the sales of the brand Oumph! to the foodservice industry.

– We look forward to expanding our plant-based offerings to all of Sweden's restaurants with the brand Oumph! These are fantastic products that fit well into foodservice, but also a well-known and popular brand that signifies quality, says Jacob Ahlström, CEO of Ahlström Factory.

The brand Oumph! was founded in 2015 in Sweden and produces plant-based food sold in several markets: the Nordics, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. In the summer of 2020, Oumph! was acquired by the American food company Livekindly Collective.

– Oumph! has its roots in foodservice and has over the years developed a strong position there, but there is still much to achieve, says Kieran Youngman, CEO of Livekindly Collective AB.

He continues: Ahlströms Factory is incredibly sharp in sales within foodservice and has really demonstrated an understanding of both plant-based as a category and Oumph! as a brand. I am looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.