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Greenfood's CEO speaks at Grocery Shop in Las Vegas

Grocery Shop brings together players from the food industry and the tech industry, focusing on the development of the food sector and exploring how both established and new players can benefit from technology, design, and strategy to meet the needs of tomorrow's consumers.

Greenfood and Picadeli's CEO, David von Laskowski, spoke on the topic "From a Swedish salad bar to an international foodtech company".

Under David's leadership, Picadeli has revolutionized the global salad bar category and pivoted Picadeli into the European leader in the healthy fast-food space. With the help of big data, telemetry, and AI, they've transitioned salad bars into thriving, healthy take-away destinations, driving consumer traffic, consumer engagement, and retailer profitability.

Today, the company's salad bars are prominently featured in major grocery chains across Europe and leading U.S. retailer.