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New trend report: A vegetarian nudge that made kids choose plant-based food

Food plays a crucial role in our society, influencing and reflecting broader social trends. The Greenfood Insights report deep dives into these evolving trends and the latest edition covers a wide range of topics, from popular TikTok food phenomena to lesser-known items like gray peas. It also highlights the innovative Street Food Week pilot project, which encouraged thousands of children to opt out of meat through a simple nudge. The project's 780,000 portions brought not only street food into school canteens but also sparked a plant-based revolution.

The food industry is constantly changing – in the age of green transition, digitalization and rapid trends. Greenfood Insights is the trend report that looks ahead and explores these trends. From the bigger picture, all the way down to our plates.

The report is presented by Greenfood, one of Europe’s largest food groups in the field of healthy and plant-based food. With Greenfood Insights, the hope is to spread knowledge and at the same time inspire stakeholders, individuals and industry colleagues to rethink.

In Greenfood Insights, we take a look at a pilot project that made children across Sweden choose plant-based food and ask what the nearly 780,000 plant-based servings can teach us about the future of sustainable food. We turn to the experts, and dive deep into the plant-based revolution.

The report identifies trends and draws insights from surveys around the world. For example, how the interest in vegetarian eating varies across generations, what it would mean if more people chose plant-based for lunch, and what trends will shape our eating in the future.

Three key trends highlighted in Greenfood Insights:

  • Plant-based food, with … plants!
    If the 21st century so far has been about 3D-printed meat, lab-grown steaks and artificial foods, 2024 is when we turn our attention to the world of plants again and crave for vegetarian dishes bursting with peas, legumes, mushrooms, and vegetables.

  • The rise of plant-based fast food
    The vegetarian food of the future needs to work with our busy lives. It is no coincidence that all of the major fast food players are inviting vegetarians to the table! In ten years, the global market for vegan fast food is predicted to be worth $28 billion. This compares to $19 billion today.

  • Social eating is pushing towards plant-based eating
    Pancake muesli, feta cheese pasta, baked broccoli, mala tofu... Already in 2021, the top ten food trends on TikTok were vegetarian or vegan. And the development is far from slowing down. Zucchini fries, pasta chips and vegan cheese are some of the latest viral food trends.

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