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Picadeli strikes new deal to boost U.S. market presence

Weis Markets, which operates nearly 200 stores, joins a group of major grocery chains offering Picadeli in the American market, including Albertsons, Schnucks, Sodexo, Compass, and Coborn's. The new agreement with Weis means that Picadeli's innovative concept, where customers can assemble a healthy and sustainable meal in minutes from a digitalized salad bar, will reach even more Americans.

"Americans have a consumption pattern that fits our concept. They often eat meals outside the home, and there is a significant interest in healthy food and a wide acceptance of salad as a meal. By establishing our healthy salad concept, we create efficient and rapid growth, just as we have done in Europe," says David von Laskowski, CEO of Picadeli and Greenfood Group.

Owner Greenfood is one of Europe's leading in healthy and sustainable food players. With Picadeli, it revolutionizes the fast food concept through salad bars that combine advanced technology with innovative design. Picadeli's expansion demonstrates a clear ambition to revolutionize salad culture and offer a modern, convenient, and healthy solution for a broad American audience.

Picadeli is widely appreciated for its significant efficiency gains in stores. Traditional salad bars often require 50-60 hours of work per week, whereas Picadeli's digitized processes and automated ordering systems reduce that time to about 15 hours. With Picadeli's counters and AI-based ordering system, Picadeli can also analyze consumption patterns to both reduce waste and tailor the salad bar's offerings to local tastes.

"Our technology enables us to quickly scale up the concept. Today, Picadeli's salad bars are located at about 100 places around the USA, and our goal is to continue our rapid expansion. Right now, we are opening a new salad bar every week, year-round," says David von Laskowski.